Our Herbal Database is specifically designed and created by us. It goes through a thorough list of signs and symptoms that you check, which pertain to you. Then we give an herbal diagnosis according to what you need. For example there are many herbs that can help with pain, but there are all types of chemical deficiencies with pain. Think about it, some people have pain that is hot, some have pain that is cold, some have moving pain, and some have pain that is worse in pressure storms. All of these issues related to pain are for different chemical imbalances. Therefore you do not want to take a product that is branded for pain because you might actually be making your pain worse, not better. This is also a great option for fertility patients as every woman is different and needs to be treated differently for proper hormone balance. (Note: the cost of herbs and/or supplements are separate and will vary with each individual). 

Herbal Database