from a dream to reality...       

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Established on the basis of a natural means to achieve all round health, Ervas Herbals is a brainchild of Jennifer Nahon who is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.

Ervas Herbals began like a dream and metamorphosed into a blossoming reality. Being one who has always had absolute faith in all that nature has provided humans with, Jennifer Nahon decided to take her belief a step further by opening her mind to further trainings. The first among which was obtained at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. It was there that she received her Masters of Sciences in Oriental Medicine. Determined to learn her craft to the best of her abilities, and to take her craft to the next level she went further on a pupilage program under the guidance of a Chinese herbalist in Chicago's Chinatown.

Through her love for nature and all it has to offer us, she has discovered that treating the body's natural immune system with ingredients from mother earth can help our bodies heal themselves. She is also strongly subscribed to the school of thought that distinct individuals have distinct chemical requirements which are needed to make them whole and immune to illnesses and diseases. This is why a general approach is not embraced in the treatment of patients. Individuals are strictly examined and treated in line with their bodies.

With invaluable years of experience and unrivaled expertise, the Ervas Herbals team is passionately concerned with providing you with the best service you can get from any herbal company anywhere around the world.